A leader in the healthcare market, Sodexo | Hestia contributes actively to the quality of life and well-being of patients, visitors and hospital staff. We support healthcare providers through a wide array of services that improve safety and quality, covering the full continuum of care: from engineering-based activities involving clinical equipment and infrastructure, to technical operations, including decontamination and disinfection, to consumer-facing services such as reception, admission and food services. We consider Quality of Life to be a key in individual and collective performance.


Sodexo | Hestia provides commercial premises with integrated services delivering operational excellence and providing end users with a comfortable environment. Advanced FM teams ensure the optimal performance of assets whilst implementing strategies to achieve cost savings through operational efficiencies. Our teams are trained to adhere to stringent security measures while ensuring that operations run smoothly. From MEP and cleaning services to catering and transport, taking care of all support service needs. Our teams, carefully manage schedules for preventative, reactive and daily services to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations.


Sodexo | Hestia has the capabilities to deliver a full range of services adhering to the highest standards for remote or on-shore production sites, infrastructure, manufacturing or maintenance facilities and corporate headquarters. We provide staff on-site or mobile teams depending on the client requirements to ensure facilities are running safely and smoothly.