Integrated facilities management

Taking care of your end-to-end facility’s needs is definitely good for business. It helps you create consistent service levels, improve efficiency and reduce costs. We aim to deliver global best practice FM at competitive prices.

Technical services

Sodexo | Hestia self-delivers non-specialist services and where surge staffing is required, partners with ALEMCO and offers a full & comprehensive MEP solution as part of the facilities management services. ALEMCO is the leading Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing company and a subsidiary of ALEC Group. It provides the skill, expertise, experience and resources essential to meet the demands of our clients. The company is comprised of a team of experts in mechanical maintenance, electrical and plumping services.

Soft services

We offer a comprehensive range of business support services, internal and external cleaning and hygiene services, including large-scale cleaning, waste management, landscaping and irrigation, pest control management and pool maintenance. Our highly trained and customer-focused team uses the right materials, equipment, and chemicals to preserve assets, realise cost efficiencies, and provide a safe environment for all customers.

Outsourced services

Sodexo | Hestia also partners with the best in class in UAE to provide additional services including: