Soft services

We offer a comprehensive range of business support services, internal and external cleaning and hygiene services, including large-scale cleaning, security, waste management, landscaping and irrigation, pest control management and pool maintenance. Our highly trained and customer-focused team uses the right materials, equipment, and chemicals to preserve assets, realise cost efficiencies, and provide a safe environment for all customers.


From administrators and receptionists to office boys and waiters, we customize solutions to support commercial businesses, offices and organizations.


Sodexo | Hestia provides pest control services that utilize the most sustainable methods for termination. After conducting an assessment, the team creates a plan and implements a customized termination to ensure minimal downtime and maximum effectiveness.


We create cleaner, more efficient communities and workplaces for our diverse clients through a range of waste management services including collection of general waste, recyclables, construction waste, food waste and non-hazardous liquids.


We provide maintenance services for water features, fountains and pools. We use a combination of chemical treatments, cleaning, repair and general maintenance to minimize wastage and ensure the health and safety of users.


The scope of our cleaning services covers the high-level care and cleanliness of client facilities, internally and for external façades. At all times we strive to use the most environmentally-friendly, chemical-free cleaning products and equipment that reduces energy-usage. Our cleaning regime is both comprehensive and thorough. Prior to mobilising on-site, we put together a detailed cleaning plan encompassing every area and facet of our clients’ premises – from floor surfaces, furniture, skirting, carpet trims, pots and plants, to lighting, doors and handles, glass surfaces, elevators, escalators and staircases. We also can take care of all waste management issues, ensuring that these activities are carried out by municipality-approved contractors in full compliance with local legislation.